Wine Pairing

When a winemaker marries a chef, sharing food and wine becomes an integral part of the Seldom Inn lifestyle.

We believe that ‘wealth is in what you put on the table’ For us, our vintage is time to share a meal, stop the pumps and unite the team and to give everyone a chance to compare notes, relax and catch up with a laugh.

Food and wine is the back bone of this dream and its philosophy. 

 Chef Amanda is a farmer’s daughter and started cooking for the shearers. Travelling gave her experience which has resulted in bringing balance to the winemaking equation. Wine and food go together, just ask husband and winemaker, Tim. 
Amanda Geddes is an experienced chef having worked in places like Hyatt Adelaide, Hayman Island, Ritz Carlton Sydney and the Salopian Inn, McLaren Vale.

Families and friends all over the world share our common theme, by celebrating food and the wine that is paired with it and we continue to have a passion for experiencing a wide variety of cuisines. Flavours are an endless resource that we love to explore, especially in our local restaurants. We have curated a list of suggested food and wine pairings - given to us by restaurants where our wine is available and creations by our chef friends.


Lenderzerheide - Beef Steak TarTare
Prime minced beef (uncooked), quail egg yolk, potato and rosemary croutons served with traditional condiments
Suggested pairing: Seldom Inn Grenache


Salopian Inn - Chargrilled Beef Steak
Charcoal Grilled Grass Fed Beef Steak + new season tomatoes + charred onions + mustard & herb butter
Suggested Pairing: Fe2 Shiraz


The Little Rickshaw - Tom Yum Style Fried Rice
Spring Onion Tom Yum Style Fried Rice w/ oyster mushrooms & miso tomatoes
Suggested Pairing: Seldom Inn Viognier Roussanne


Delicatessan Kitchen & Bar - Pan Roast Duck
Pan Roast Duck Leg & Breast, mashed potatoes & truffle sauce
Suggested Pairing: Seldom Inn Grenache Mourvedre

See some of our favourite Chef suggested food and wine matches below