AU $180

A range of McLaren Vale wines including Cabernet, Shiraz and GSM have been chosen with complexity, longevity and old world wisdom and are ready for the market.

So, are you are over the young wine that hasn’t had tannin maturation through micro oxidation of a barrel?  

A young hipster, in the midst of ambition and faults with fresh fruit style, can only aspire to the legend of tried, tested and unadulterated judgement of years of aged structure.


 In other words, aged wine gains complexity, softens tannins, lengthens and broadens the palate. These wines are mature and ready to decant and wait for the wine to open up and bloom to a perfumed floral with a sense of depth.


We are releasing some of my memories from the wine making archives in a 750ml format. Round up a tasting group and have a sensory night to bring back thoughts and memories from childhood with taste and smell.